Template Source Query for Relative Location

Say you are setting up a new template. And inside that you have a field that perhaps has a drop down or a tree list of items that are based upon the children of where that item is.

Perfect example is having a news release page and using the tree list to pick and show specific items but you want it to only pick from the children directly below it.

In order to set the source of the query such that it makes picking the items easier, you’d use the following:


Now if that doesn’t work, as I see there are potential bugs for some versions of Sitecore and if that’s the case you’d want to use the following query instead.


Setting up a Coveo Trial

It’s not so straight forward in setting up a trial account without utilizing one of their plugins. e.g. Coveo for Sitecore. Hence, I’ve tried to narrow down the instructions as follows.

Logging into Coveo Cloud V2 Admin


The following are steps (from Coveo’s support page) that help you with getting your Access Token. You’ll need this in order to create an Organization.

Getting Your Coveo Cloud V2 Platform Access Token

Note: The following steps are from Coveo’s support pages directly.

To get your Coveo Cloud V2 platform access token:

  1. In your web browser, open your developer tools.
  2. Log into the Coveo Cloud V2 platform (see Logging into the Coveo Cloud V2 Platform).
  3. In your developer tools, typically under the Storage or Application tab, locate and inspect the https://platform.cloud.coveo.com cookie. In this cookie, the access_token field value is your Coveo Cloud V2 platform access token.

Use Postman to Create Your Organization

Using Postman, setup a request call with the following details. Plug in the organization name you want to use and add in the token you got from the step above. Voila.

POST https://platform.cloud.coveo.com/rest/organizations?name=<MyOrganizationDisplayName> HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MyOAuth2Token>