Waaaaay back in January, Lisa and I decided we’d do a quick shoot on a white background. Mainly because we never had. Up til then every shoot with Lisa had been this epic adventure.. out in the middle of no where on a dusty road or in a fancy hotel downtown or amazing shots in a parkade in a supercar (yes, my car is super). It’s a difficult thing to keep going. So we figured maybe we’d take it back to basics, shoot some simple portraits still with the sex appeal we were both looking for.

This post is somewhat NSFW so continue on only if you’re interested.


Yeah… so… ummm…. yeah

I’ve been absent. I know. I’ve been shooting, starting a company, investigating potential studio space, enjoying endless conversations with a good friend, and that thing called work. I’d be lying if I said I’ve kept up with the x100 365. Yeah, that ain’t happening. Still shooting with it but it’ll happen when it happens. I can’t wait to share all the wonderful things I’ve been up to and I will post them shortly… just a thing called life and self-healing has taken hold. Oh and I must not forget my best friend in the world. The furry little man who guards my home and my heart. Philip.



I love going back through my old photos. Looking at all the places I’ve been. It’s nice to day dream when you’re not feeling great. The thing is I often go looking for hidden gems. Those photos that when you look at them the first time aren’t anything special. But months later, tilting your head a certain way, thinking about it differently. And all of a sudden you have a favorite.