London – Day 6 – Greenwich & Canary Warf

Day six in London turned out to be a great day. Unfortunately it was also the day before heading back to reality. Ryan and I decided to take a trip up to see the Thames Barrier, Greenwich, and Canary Warf for the day. Seeing he had never been as far as the Thames Barrier it would be nice to do some exploring for both of us. It’s quite the sight. And when you know how wide the Thames is, quite an amazing feat of engineering. We took in the Navel museum, had the best burger I had all vacation at the Greenwich Tavern. Seriously, it was da bomb. And the fries… seriously they were huge. I think we each had like 3 potatoes worth.

Canary Warf was not at all what I thought Canary Warf was. I was expecting rolling hills, not a downtown core with waterways and underground subways. The unfortunate thing was it was Saturday therefore it was completely empty and a lot of stores and restaurants were closed until later.

London – Day 5

It was the fifth full day in London that it hit me. Eight days into vacation and I forgot I had a job. It was lovely. I say this knowing full well folks from work read it. The thing is… I need to feel that every now and then. I have to. Not sure if my mind could function long term without it. The unfortunately thing is that I would only experience it for approximately 72 hours more.

I awoke we renewed energy this day. Grabbed my Starbucks and a pain au chocolate from the lovely barrista, Sara, and hit the tube. No real destination in mind except the need to see and photograph whatever I could. And I saw a lot this day. From Knightsbridge to the Eye. From the Millenium Bridge to the Tower of London. Hobnobbing in a bar wearing my Green Lantern t-shirt when everyone else was in a suit and tie. I loved it all. And the waitresses didn’t mind either. This was the day I enjoyed London, enjoyed every bit of it.