Just Escape

It’s been ages… again. My mind is making peace with itself. Quieting down. At times nearly silent. Spending time with family is great… especially when it’s away from the chaos of the city. I just wish my girlfriend could’ve joined. Then it would’ve been even better.



I love going back through my old photos. Looking at all the places I’ve been. It’s nice to day dream when you’re not feeling great. The thing is I often go looking for hidden gems. Those photos that when you look at them the first time aren’t anything special. But months later, tilting your head a certain way, thinking about it differently. And all of a sudden you have a favorite.


366/365 – The Leap Year

Perhaps you forgot that February had 29 days this year. I did… many times. But that’s it folks. 366 days straight of shooting. Sure it wasn’t all on my DSLR like planned. I abused the iPhone capabilities and instagram as fall back… but I did it. It was f’ing brutal. And as much as I’ve said this past many weeks there’s no way I’d do it ever again. Well… yesterday I started another 365. But stay tuned for a post in a few days as to what that entails.

These shots were all taken on my new Fuji X100