When Kaitlyn and I worked together back in January she was only just starting out. She had done a few shoots but hadn’t nearly gained the attention she now garners. Now adays she’s shooting like crazy so in a way, I’m honored to have worked with her before she became one of the more sought after models in Calgary.



Waaaaay back in January, Lisa and I decided we’d do a quick shoot on a white background. Mainly because we never had. Up til then every shoot with Lisa had been this epic adventure.. out in the middle of no where on a dusty road or in a fancy hotel downtown or amazing shots in a parkade in a supercar (yes, my car is super). It’s a difficult thing to keep going. So we figured maybe we’d take it back to basics, shoot some simple portraits still with the sex appeal we were both looking for.

This post is somewhat NSFW so continue on only if you’re interested.


Lisa in B&W – Part 3 – Seduce

In the final three part B&W series with Lisa I give you “Seduce”. Obviously the most risque of the series and certainly the most risque I’ve posted thus far. As such if you wish to see the post, click the link after the image. Working with Lisa was a blast this shoot and we’ve shot only once since then. But I know that we’ll be working with each other lots more in the future.