Fuji X100 – 1/365 – And so it begins… Again

Sure, I could’ve used the last day of the previous 365 as the first shots for the X100, but hey… let’s be original right. So here it is… the trek to the lobster for the final meal of 2012.


331/365 – Celebrate

Instead of my team going out for a big lunch, all 15 of us separated into teams to each prepare a potluck for the rest of the team each day of the week. This is what my team created. Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef, Greek Salad, and Apple cake.

272/365 – My Eyes Are Big

Yes, that pizza is 75cm long.

182/365 – Tea

As part of a Conglomerate Loves project I”m involved with, I’m photographing some of the things I enjoy most. Sure I enjoy coffee and gin (not combined of course) but I also enjoy tea. It’s perfect for when I need to get some work done at home.

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