366/365 – The Leap Year

Perhaps you forgot that February had 29 days this year. I did… many times. But that’s it folks. 366 days straight of shooting. Sure it wasn’t all on my DSLR like planned. I abused the iPhone capabilities and instagram as fall back… but I did it. It was f’ing brutal. And as much as I’ve said this past many weeks there’s no way I’d do it ever again. Well… yesterday I started another 365. But stay tuned for a post in a few days as to what that entails.

These shots were all taken on my new Fuji X100


365/365 – The Last

It’s fitting, the last portrait, not the last shot mind you, is a portrait of Destree. Afterall, she was the first person this year I took a giant leap forward to photograph. It was nerve-racking but extremely liberating. She’s conquered so much this past year… and like me, made it through. Thank you Destree.


364/365 – In Passing

This was one of those shoots that will go down as one of my favorites of all time. One, because it was spontaneous. Not planned ahead of time at all. It was literally, hey, I don’t want to shoot infront of this backdrop no more… let’s switch it up right now. So we did, we jumped in the car and drove without a great deal of an idea where we were shooting. Two, no flashes, no stands, no backdrops, learn as I go. A true challenge. The best way to end the year in my opinion. And three, well, take a guess. But lastly and perhaps the most importantly. This shoot was fun. Becca and I laughed our asses off through this entire shoot. I can’t ask for anything else. It’s how I want to photograph. For me this is a hobby. A passion. Sure it’s something I take seriously. Hell. I take it more seriously than perhaps anything else going on in my life right now. But it has to be fun. It has to be the thing that I long for … day in, day out. At least right now.

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