Where does it go?

How many times does one catch one saying, ‘Where did the time go?’… sadly, too often. Even the act of saying it is time gone. With this years, merciless and manic winter weather, my long thought-filled walks have taken a backseat. Instead I find myself falling asleep all too early on the couch. Another few hours gone. I edit photos well into the evening and search for a mental challenge in games.

I go on searching for this challenge. I think with the medication, for that ADD/OCD thing, I … I’m never sure if it’s working. But I know it’s needed. Sadly, will likely need it for the rest of my life. There is one thing that calmed it however… travel. Especially in New York. Not sure why, but I found myself oddly at peace with all the hussle and bussle about.


I miss wandering around the city parks, even in the dark… I remember how therapeutic it felt. So need to go back to that time. To that place.

Just Escape

It’s been ages… again. My mind is making peace with itself. Quieting down. At times nearly silent. Spending time with family is great… especially when it’s away from the chaos of the city. I just wish my girlfriend could’ve joined. Then it would’ve been even better.



When Kaitlyn and I worked together back in January she was only just starting out. She had done a few shoots but hadn’t nearly gained the attention she now garners. Now adays she’s shooting like crazy so in a way, I’m honored to have worked with her before she became one of the more sought after models in Calgary.