Something is up…

My gut is telling me something is up. Something, perhaps not good, but perhaps something long overdue. I was just in the elevator with someone who is normally happy to see me (someone with connections) and instead of receiving the typical “oh, hi, how are you doing?” I get the “hi”… and then continual avoiding of eye-contact. You know the look. The look of almost ‘guilt’. Or actually it’s more like, the feeling of being ‘sorry’ for someone else. I pick up on these things amazingly well. And I’m not usually wrong.

Inspiration overload

I surf tumblr, instagram… any photographic media outlet there is. Constantly bombarded by inspiring works of the portrait, travel, food, and landscape genre. It’s brutal. All I’m reminded of is how much I’m not taking advantage of my skills. Why am I not out in the woods exploring nature? Why am I not shooting casual portraits down by a river? Oh right. Yeah. The j.o.b. I love it, don’t get me wrong. The people, the challenges, the opportunities… all fantastic. It’s just hard to think this is it. The only thing I keep telling myself is… you can’t do everything even if you tried. Though I think it would be far worse if I learned that one guy photographed all of tumblr’s best shots. That would royally suck.