Fine-tuning my camera equipment

The first version of the title didn’t include the word “camera” and I quickly realized that may not be as appropriate as it should be. Though that’s the way my mind has been operating as such. It sounds odd to say but the voices questioning everything I do are gone. It’s such a relief. And with that I’ve had more time to look into other avenues of interest. One thing has been bugging me a lot lately and that’s the quality of my photos. I’ve known the solution forever, but never felt bothered to actually do it.

That solution, fine tune the auto-focus on my D800. Ever since I got it I’ve noticed a quirk where, sadly, most of the time when I shoot at wide-open aperture the focus is either 1 – 2 inches behind the person or an inch in front. But it didn’t happen *everytime*… just enough to piss me off. So the other night, after playing about 2 hours of Borderlands 2 and noticing it was 11pm I thought to myself, why yes, now is the perfect time to research the steps I need to fix it.

The next morning, setting up a rudimentary ruler and focusing plate against a wall, I adjusted my AF. I was a bit nervous as I was doing this, as is required with Nikon, with each lens I use most often. My 50mm, 85mm, and 35mm. I was also nervous as I had a shoot that evening. My last in fact before I took a hiatus while Julie-Anne was in town.

As it turned out, my adjustments were perfect and to my amazement, my shots had never been sharper.

It’s a musing irony that my life has come into a lot more focus through change, through opening up, through realizing who I really am just like my camera is now. Perfect timing in fact.

Not to overshadow all the changes I’ve made in the past 2 years and there have been tons; leaps, bounds… I still want to make more. Some to be expected… some inevitable… and 1 or 2 that would see an entire shift in how I’ve lived my life til now.