Escape, Explore, Endure

I can’t emphasize how incredibly important having a shoot cancel on me was. No, I never got caught up on all the other previous work (i.e. shoots) I had to… I just had to escape from the monotonous… ness. So I did. I got myself out of the house, headed to the local park and went on a journey. I had to explore something I hadn’t seen. People get that feeling right? I typically get it about a week after travelling… but that hasn’t happened lately. It was at this one moment though, not the moment driving there, or the moment when I said “I need to explore” that I realized I hadn’t worn warm socks or taking very good gloves with me. Bravo David. Bravo. So needless to say this first exploration (yes, it wouldn’t be the last) I wasn’t to endure the frigid temperatures in expectation of some divine feeling of relaxation but rather run back to the car and call it quits. That was until a friend told me to go back. As luck would have it I had picked up better gloves (after realizing mine were crap the first time) and did just that. Bravo friend. Bravo.

I didn’t pass that many people on my second time out. The light was getting dimmer. I had hoped for a rousing sunset. That did not happen. The thing is, something kept nagging at me. I had remembered my gloves. My socks. My nice woodsman style hat. But something wasn’t right. You know those moments, when you can hear nothing but nature, you’re as far from your car as you can be, standing next to a river, see your breath escape your body, and smell… well nothing because it’s so bloody cold out, and you say to yourself… oh… shit… I totally forgot my phone in my car. Yeah. I had one of those moments. I told myself one thing and one thing only at that moment. Just don’t fall in the water.


Fuji X100 – 13/365 – Coffee & Conversation

The title was supposed to be different. I remember discussing it over coffee but I can’t pin it down. My meet ups with Joanna are ones that I seem to remember the experience more than the conversation. It’s a peaceful moment that I just like being in. Sure we talk about the past, the present, the future… and I do remember what we talk about but it’s a moment I’d love to go back and relive. Yet apparently I’m not one to use time travel in the future as I’m certain I would’ve gone back to that moment.