Lisa in B&W – Part 1 – The Black Dress

Back in November, with the help of Hotel Arts, I looked to up my game a bit. I had shot a lot at my place, outdoors, and against white seamless but never really strayed much from that. There was a bit of fear of the unknown, I won’t lie. Add to that the strong desire to work with Lisa Hamill again and we had the makings of something that to this day I’m asked to repeat. But there was something missing from the first set of shots I posted. For one, while they were only a portion of the full shots they were in color and after working through a lot of the shots again I found even more amazing how the black and whites looked.

Because there simply are so many, I’ve broken them up into three themes. The first being The Black Dress as you’ll see below. Technically she wore two black dresses. 😉