2013 – What’s In Store

Though 2012 is not yet over and my 365 posts are lagging behind yet again, damn it; I have decided what 2013 project I will undertake. And it’s nothing short of monumental. While 2012 has seen my very first 365, which at times was simply painful, next year will see me undertake 52 editorials. Yes, that’s right. Every week will see a new photographic editorial. It might be a portrait, it might be landscape or architecture or a visit to a new city. The reason is that I can concentrate on one topic at a time and make it that much than a simple single shot. It already scares me frankly. But that fear is what I need to feed on these days. And I just can’t wait for 2013 to start going.

307/365 – Deteriorate

I remember this day well as it was perhaps the most punishing. I didn’t even take Philip for a walk. Just me, my camera… listening to rain drops on a wintery day in my headphones. There’s this field with a fence that is all but gone. Just the posts and a tangle of barb wire. I’ve often wondered how long it’s been there. What the person who put it up was like. How much it’s endured. How much pain and sunshine.