117/365 – Get Me Through

Some days it feels like you need even more power than normal just to get through the day. To see past the haze of what is blocking your creative vision, your inspiration infusion into what you want to be and what you are capable of achieving. Some days you just want to hold on to those that give you energy. Connect into and start over. Start over and just be.

115/365 – Drive, By Shooting

Rarely do I not touch up my photos in some way shape or form. I’ll admit. But it’s merely a way of me getting closer to how I saw the image in my mind. Eventually I’d love to perfect it all in camera but my minds eye at times greatly differs from my human eye and so well… I don’t see that time happening just yet. One of these days they’ll drop the gloves, have at it and I’m sure what will result will be mind blowing. It’s a pleasure though when I can do as little as humanly possible. Today was one of those days. Thank you Mother Nature. Love ya. You cleared my mind completely, if only for a bit, and it was wonderful. Really, really, wonderful.