60/365 – Photowalk

Yes, it was chilly. But who cares. When you get to go on a photowalk with friends. The folks that generate more inspiration than anyone else, its just fun. This was also unique as both Faby and I brought our film cameras along. Ian and I both though still our DSLR’s (mine as more of a backup which I’m grateful that I did). Thing is I hadn’t shot on my Pentax MZ-7 in nearly 12 years. And there was still film in it from the last time I shot. And it wasn’t until I got new batteries did I realize that I had used up 19/24 frames. I became extremely picky as to what I would shoot and after finally finding something I liked and taking one shot and then on the next one, the shutter froze closed. Not sure why, but I got one shot. Motor seems to be whirring away. So… that was it. After 12 years, just one. I’m now off to get it repaired. I’m also oddly inspired to pickup an even older film camera and play around with it after seeing Faby’s magnificent and much older film camera. So while they might not be immediate 365’s, they might just be even better.

59/365 – I am Tom Cruise

Ok, so… not really. Seriously though. Have you ever day dreamed while at your desk of performing some amazing aerobatic maneuver to save someone or slide down the face of a building to escape some Matrix-style thugs? No? Just me? Really? Not sure what it is. Maybe I watch a lot of movies and love the good action flick but I find architecture oddly inspiring in that sense. Whether it’s scaling a massive sky scraper or performing parkour down the 8th avenue buildings. I mean, take 8th Ave Place. You can’t tell me the architect who designed this didn’t imagine himself on a giant slide. That’s what I see when I see this. wheeeeeeee!

58/365 – Outlook is Dusty

I moved offices this past weekend and my new space is in the south tower of West Canadian Place. I have an amazing view as you can see below… oh, you can’t? Yeah… it’s kinda dusty isn’t it. You know, being 2012 I would’ve thought that given how dirty Calgary always is we, as a city of engineers, would’ve figured out how to keep glass on our buildings clean by now. Yes, I know there are window washers but I also know what they cost and it’s not cheap.

Nevertheless I always wanted to get higher up to photograph my surroundings… and who knows what this new space will bring. Let’s just hope it’s a clearer picture on what this year will bring… in work, and in life. Now, will someone get their ass out there and wash that window?