31/365 – The Simple Things

I’m a fan of the simple things. The things that bring happiness are often not all that complicated. A walk to the cafe, not the espresso that you’re going for, but the walk itself. I love it. Take an oatmeal raisin cookie. It’s simple. Oatmeal and raisins. Sure, there are other things like sugar, flour, etc. but what you’re after is a simple, oatmeal raisin cookie. I’m not just a fan of the simple things. I love them. They’re peaceful. Uncomplicated. Brutally honest in their chastity. They are, what they are and we don’t have enough of them.

30/365 – Perfection

I’m what I’d call, a partial perfectionist. There are some things I expect to be … well, perfect. And there are others that I want to be not the complete opposite but representative of “chaos”. It’s the chaos part that keeps me grounded in reality. It’s what I know I can’t control but what I have to adapt to. Take this photo for example. I had been inspired to take it from another photograph I saw recently and while I knew, without a doubt, I wouldn’t be able to recreate it on my first try. I still made the attempt. It looks nothing like this btw. But what I learned, and ultimate like about this 365, is that I have a lot more opportunities to get it right or near perfect the next time. And what I took away from just a single photograph I’ve learned exactly what not to do the next time. I learn by doing. I don’t learn by reading in a book or reciting it or watching it, I have to actually do it to understand it. And thus the more photos I take on this 365 the better… as it gets me closer to perfection. Whatever that is in my mind.

29/365 – Start Fresh

Car washes make it easy to get clean. You drive in. Put it in park. And a giant arm, in less than 2 minutes, gets all that grime and gunk and stuff of the past OFF. And then you drive off. Starting fresh, getting clean, starting… over, is not so easy for a human being. Yeah, there’s a shower. Been there, done that… every day. And while in months and years past I yearned for a fresh start… a complete and utter fresh start, it’s not as powerful of a nagging feeling lately. Not sure why not, it just isn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I’m extremely fortunate. Amazing friends, family, and a killer job working with some down right amazing people. To me, it’s the people that I’m surrounded by that keep that nagging feeling at bay. However, whenever a relationship ends as one did back at the end of 2011, I question is this really where I’m supposed to be. A lot of places and opportunities are calling and while I’ll put them on hold (listening to some cheesy elevator-esque tunes) eventually… if I don’t find the kind of happiness I am in search of, well, I’ll be in search of my own drive-thru, car wash.

28/365 – Yup, Geek. Right here.

About 3 weeks ago I started reading through old text books. Yup, even on a Saturday night. While electrical engineering ended the day I graduated (to a degree) I do regret not pursuing a math or physics degree as well. So in recent weeks I find myself browsing old textbooks and realizing, I actually remember a fair bit of it. Which is kinda scary.