-1/365 – The Day Before

Maybe it was the heartburn but the day before I was to start on the 365 I was increasingly nervous whether I’d be able to live up to it. I love challenges but this one it a big one for me. No time to sit and enjoy the crisp Vancouver air, I had a wedding to attend (no photos from that here though).

-2/365 – Before it begins

The official 365 doesn’t start until January 1 but I wanted to get a jump start on it as I count down until 2012. This is the steam clock in Gastown, Vancouver, BC

Winter time with E

Far too often I don’t take advantage of weather when it’s just the way I want it. Fewer times still do the stars align and I have someone willing and able to venture out for a photoshoot. Well, weather was perfect, roads were treacherous, and E was her usual amazing self. So here’s one, just one, from our spur of the moment, 15-minute shoot in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard.

Where am I?

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