The Lions – Iconoclast

If you haven’t been listening to The Lions’ latest album, “Iconoclast” you are indeed missing out. Do yourself a favor and go buy it on iTunes.

Back in April I had the pleasure to shoot for their latest album’s insert. Truly an honor indeed and I think all of us (including my brother acting as security) had a blast. Here’s a couple from the day.

Revisit – M of Summer

Normally I don’t post photos to a shoot I did months before that didn’t make the cut initially. Typically I just move on. Maybe it’s the weather, getting colder, getting darker, that I went back to a shoot my friend M and I had done months before when it was a pleasant 30C outside and blue sky as far as the eye can see. Don’t get me wrong, I revisit photos on nearly a daily basis but I rarely post them.

Below are a mix of behind the scenes / alternative shots that at first didn’t make the final cut… but frankly, I really like them.

Night Sky

At some point I’m just going to have to suck it up and go camping… somewhere far from human civilization… somewhere, where lights from streets lamps and other technological advances that permeate the night sky with noise have no effect. Somewhere, where I can truly see.

The Great Outdoors

Ever since coming back from Europe I’ve been itching to get away. Thankfully I have lots of family and friends that can help in that department. A bunch of us took off for Radium and did what you’re supposed to when enjoying a cabin. Relax. Naturally I took my gear. Naturally.