Jenny – Fall

Who would’ve thought that after not working together for almost two years we’d shoot twice in as many weeks. This time though we wanted to get outside and capture the colors of fall. This was also the second such attempt as the first one was inhibited by high wind. The wind was still there a bit, but it was also considerably colder. Jenny is a trooper though.

Jenny – Portraits

Jenny and I met a year and a half ago at a photoshoot organized by my good friend, Oscar Lopez. It was my first ever photoshoot and I was pretty freaking nervous. Before then I had only shot runways and before that, mountains and sunsets. This was the first time I had to give direction and demonstrate even the slightest hint I knew what I was doing. Throwing me in the fire, putting me under pressure, is the best way I learn. And Jenny made it all too easy. Sadly, due to schedule conflicts and such we never shot again… until a couple weeks ago.

A Lion on a Dark Road

I’ve had a photo in my mind for months now. Who am I kidding, I have a thousand photos in my mind that I want to take, but this one in particular has eluded me for a while. And as you’ll see, it still has.

My good friend Chris, and lead singer / guitarist for The Lions, offered to be the subject after discussing the shoot over beers one evening. It involved driving out to a unlit gravel road (which I happen to know quite well at this point). So after the sun had set, we set off… cranking The Lions latest album proved rather eerie (I really need to listen closer to the lyrics).

Back to the shot in question. It’s taken at night, long dark road, with plenty of light from the moon. Problem 1, half moon and cloudy. Problem 2… I just wasn’t lighting the road the way I was happy with. I either needed more lights or a better way to light a subject at a distance over long exposure. This happens though. Not every shoot is perfect. Not every shot can be the one in your head. That said, I’m going to get that shot. Even if I have to go back and plan it out by myself in the dark. The shot below is one I got just playing around. It was nice, I was ready to give in and Chris kept me going asking what we can shoot next. Fun times.