The Lions

Last night The Lions released their brand new album, “Iconoclast”. It’s a double album that nicely compliments their previous, “New Rise of the Footsoldier”. And a nice collection to my car CD player that for the last 7 years has only contained The Lions CDs. That’s not a joke, that’s a fact. While I don’t remember the date of the day I met Chris and Liz (sometime probably in 2003 I think), I do remember the event. And I remember going to every single show, every single Friday at Michaelangelo’s. Sure, I haven’t been to every gig over the years, sadly, but the ones I can make… absolute bliss. This is my kinda music. My ears ring with joy. It’s Good’ole Rock n’ Roll.

Long live The Lions. Rock on.

The LionsThe LionsThe LionsThe LionsThe Lions

E – Summer

So my friend E and I got together one Sunday morning to shoot some bright and summery photos. Outside, on a clear blue day is pretty difficult to shoot in. Especially when you have a particular shot in mind. For me, it was more trying to be a little bit fashion oriented. “Ish”. And thus, after a very quick yet productive shoot, the result below.

Prague – Day 3

My last day in Prague and the last day of the trip was also a full day hanging out with my folks. And I didn’t mind one bit. Yup, really the only reason I ended up in Prague was that my parents were going to be here. At this point, it was great to have someone to talk to and share stories with.

Started off the day showing them the ropes, i.e. where the local Starbucks were. Survival strategies and all. Then I joined their tour group. Completely different than what I was used to but their guide shared lots of the history of Prague I hadn’t known about. The tour made it all the way to the famous Charles Bridge before heading back. I knew a few of them wanted to get to the Prague Castle later on so we’d head back that way in the afternoon.

As my mom and my aunt and uncle ended up taking the shuttle up to the top of Prague Castle I had a rule, walk everywhere. So I did, giving myself a bit of a lead I figured I’d beat them up there no problem. Seeing how they were with a tour group I knew they couldn’t wait for me to arrive anyways. Little did I know that Nike’s We Run Prague 10km race ( had just started. It seemed impossible for me to cross the thousands of people running in this event. And the fence separating runners and spectators did not help matters. About 1km down the road I found a break in the fence. I watched the cop who was watching the spectators and when he wasn’t looking… I joined the race. Yup, thank god I was wearing my Nike’s. With a full bag of camera gear strapped to my back, and camera in hand, yours truly ran for about 100-200m weaving in and out of the runners. Note: they were all in white and I stood out like a sore thumb. And I got looks. It took me about 20 seconds to get to the other side where I had to hurdle the fence and blend in with the spectators. Even with the delay, I still beat my folks to the top by 15 minutes.

We toured around much of the same parts I had done before, watching a thief get run down by a castle guard (seriously those guys, even in dress shoes, really haul ass). It was awesome to watch. Sadly, the thief threw whatever he had stolen over the edge of the bridge we were on. We watched the changing of the guard, while simpler than Stockholms, the guards really scared the crap out of you. I then took us all back down the way I came up, all those stairs. Best workout of the vacation. Before meeting up with everyone we enjoyed one last pint (Krusovice) as it had warmed up to a comfortable 30C (+humidity).

That evening we went for a very nice italian dinner at a restaurant my parent’s tour guide suggested during the day. It really was a great way to end a vacation abroad. I started and ended it with family.

And that’s it folks, that’s my vacation. It’s tough to finish all of this after such a great trip. I only want to travel and photograph more as a result so you can count on more adventures in the near future. Some of them will be big, some just quick weekend getaways. All photographed in the same manner. Til then.

Prague – Day 2

It was waking up on the second day of Prague that I probably reached that point in time when you forget where you are when you wake up. Thinking I was home I just opened my eyes and then I laughed. Couldn’t believe I was in Prague. Breakfast was Starbucks. Again, it felt more like home. Almost felt as if I had been on vacation for a month at this point, not just two weeks. I wandered down to Old Town, final destination was the Prague Castle. I watched the clock tower in Old Town do it’s hourly chime and dance (have to be there). They were already starting to smoke the ham in prep for lunch. Smelled so good. It only took 2 hours (slow strolling) to get to the top of Prague Castle. I spent the rest of the morning roaming the castle grounds.

The afternoon destination was the top of the clock tower. I just had to see all of Prague for myself. Best viewpoint in the city I’d say. And absolutely no safety guards. lol. Prague, from up there, is absolutely gorgeous with the red roof tops as far as the eye could see. Really a beautiful city. Upon getting down to ground level I figured it was thirst quenching time and only one thing would do, a beer.

Before I enjoyed a true czech dinner (more pork and goulash) I went shopping… never found anything, but it was fun to look.