On the road with M

I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing M for about 8 months now and we’ve only connected for a few photo shoots in that period of time. Thing is, every shoot turns out better than I could have hoped for. Not sure how it always happens, and sure we might not always be that lucky, but I can’t help but get excited by the next chance to work together. Just this morning we met up at 9am, coffee in hand, and set out on a gravel road just west of Calgary. I had scoped out a couple locations that might work the night before. Quite pleased with the way it turned out.

D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club – Okotoks, AB

The last day of the three day golf extravaganza has wrapped up. The third round was at D’Arcy Ranch in Okotoks, Alberta. Quite the change from the mountain views of both Kananaskis and Silvertip the previous days. But it was a welcome change for some (I only lost 2 balls not 10) and we had nothing but pure blue sky in every direction. The other difference was our guest unfortunately couldn’t make it, so it ended up being just Eric, Quincy, and myself.

It’s difficult to compare the three courses but our favorite was easily Kananaskis. Silvertip we lost too many balls and it seemed like an up-hill battle most of the day. At D’Arcy Ranch I spent the entire front nine in bunker after bunker, laughingly though. I could practically book a reservation in one. Kananaskis was just all around the most fun and is one of those courses we plan on playing next year again.

Silvertip Golf Resort – Canmore, AB

Day two of the three day golfing adventure brought us to Silvertip Golf Resort in Canmore, Alberta. Today’s guest was Kalen, a good friend of Eric who we had met several years back. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out. I think it was unanimous at the end that Silvertip is not an easy course. It’s a brutal course. At times it feels as though it’s mocking you behind the tall trees. It’s also not a cheap course at $160 per person per round. Is it worth it? Sure the scenery is amazing, breathtaking even; the staff are pleasant and helpful, the grass is bright green and the traps, oh the traps, they are everywhere. The view though is what sells this course. However, it’s just not a course you can come to and enjoy at your own pace… which is what I’d expect at $160. You feel pressure to keep pace from the folks ahead, behind, and even your golf cart’s very cool GPS. The carts are easily the most equipped I’ve come across. Complete with complementary bottled water in a cooler, personal ball and club washer and state of the art GPS that shows your cart in relation to those around you. It’s incredible. Plus with a built in messaging system the guys at command centre know exactly where you are. And I mean exactly. Just one thing one of our carts didn’t have… brakes. And you’ll definitely need those (see one of the b&w shots… and you’ll know what i mean).

In the end, I lost a record 10 balls on the course somewhere between me and the mountain tops. My score… well, let’s not go there.