Stroll through East Village and Inglewood

It was the first day of summer and what a first day it was. Sunny & +20C. And what better way to start off the summer than a photo walk with Ian Harding and Faby Martin. The three of us went on a sun-drenched tour of the renovated pathway in East Village and stopped for lunch in Inglewood.

Bridal Shower

Not every day can I say I shot a bridal shower. Nope. Never saw that coming. Thankfully there was no “entertainment” hehe. There was plenty of sweets and candy though.


For a couple months now I’ve had an idea in my head for a photo shoot. Thanks to a good friend, Kim – girlfriend of Ian Harding, and make-up artist Sandra Cross everything came into place. And I should point out, this was my first make-up focused shoot. Typically as you’ve seen, most of my subjects are with little or no make-up at all. With Ian’s help as head BBQ chef we also turned the shoot into a reason to have friends together for some delicious ribs. mmm mmm good. Once again, thanks to good friends, good food, and talent all-around… magic!

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