The Links of GlenEagles

It’s been a while since my last game of golf but it was my first time playing The Links of GlenEagles in Cochrane, Alberta. At the last minute I decided to take my camera along. The weather looked grim so I didn’t think I’d get many golf shots worth posting, and I only took my 50mm and not my wide angle but I made due. Two of my favorite shots below. Click them for larger versions on black on flickr.

AFW – 2011

In previous years I was eager as a newbie to get my spot in the pit at Alberta Fashion Week. I showed up early, and held position for what at times seemed like eternity. I wasn’t giving up that spot. This year, completely the opposite. Absolutely no desire to be in the pit and go elbow to elbow with many of the folks I’ve had the pleasure with shooting with there in the past. Been there. Done that. Instead I stood off to the side, garnering the odd stare curious as to my intentions, to capture more of the atmosphere of the event. While I’ll hold off on any fashion reviews, my only issue was the lighting (again). Not sure why, but a lot of events – not just this one – struggle with this seemingly basic requirement. In this case, people worked with what they had or brought their own. Thus, most of the runway was rather inconsistent preventing my measly D300 from capturing (and focusing) on the fashion and models as appropriate. Lighting, in my book, is one of the key pillars of a good runway. Good Fashion. Good Models. Good Light. If you have a good mix of those three elements, the rest will fall into place. That all said, I kinda dig the treatment to the photos below. Go figure.

Michiala in B & W

Earlier this week I met up with a good friend of mine, Michiala. I had met her through another friend I had worked with a few months ago and we had such a blast shooting then that we were intent on repeating it. Lots of planning, rescheduling, idea swirling later we decided on a look. Then we changed it when there wasn’t any more snow. So to keep momentum we decided on the whole Audrey Hepburn theme, and in some instances we got it… just slightly alternative. That said, once again, my favorite shot came out of no where… one of those ‘caught off guard’ moments. The black & white was actually inspired by Yousuf Karsh as I checked out his exhibit at a party at the Glenbow Museum. Seeing his work just makes me want to only shoot black and white.