Simply 74

Last weekend I had the esteemed priviledge of working with both E (remember the cupcake?) and her friend Susan. I will admit I was more nervous for this one than most. Why you ask? Well, Susan is a model. It’s one of those “you blow it now, and the world *may* find out” moments. In the past I’ve mainly worked with either aspiring models or your average joe. Not that that’s a bad thing, I like it frankly as there’s a lot of freedom and you can goof around a little more (e.g. G&T with @FourSlice). For this shoot however, not a lot was prepared a head of time (my bad… had just come back from SXSW), though we had some ideas that we wanted to try out but in the end, as you see below, I went back to what I loved most… the simple portrait. It wasn’t just a simple headshot, we took some of those but this one frankly put those to shame. What was great was she knew what angles, poses, and such. Knowing what works and what doesn’t right off the bat makes a HUGE difference. I’m not saying this is a necessity but it can save time when time is an issue. I’m trying to minimize my shoots to a max of two hours. In the end, we both came away with the mindset the day was a success and will definitely be working together again soon. Yay!

SXSW – Version 3

This was the third, and perhaps final year, I venture down to Austin, TX for SXSW. While year one was with a colleague from work, the second year alone, this year was with Rhett – someone I had met in year two of SXSW. Without a doubt this year at SXSW was bigger and in some areas far better. More people, more session, more parties. That said, it was certainly a more chilled year than before which I’m grateful for but it also allowed me to think a great deal about what I want to take in in years to come. Photography, as you see, wasn’t a highlight this year. I only took a handful of photos and even then one or two of them turned out the way I’d hoped (including the hand-held HDR photo below). There just weren’t many photography panels or sessions to take in aside from the meetup and the photowalk (which I went on last year). This is the sole reason this will be my last SXSW. I want to focus on that aspect of my life and will be investigating conferences and events devoted to that art from now on. Who knows where it’ll take me?

Larger verson on flickr

G&T with @FourSlice

I’ve been trying to get @FourSlice over for a shoot for months now. And finally, the stars aligned. Three ice cubes, some Hendricks and tonic and the result… perhaps some of the best portraits I’ve ever shot. Shoots with real people are by far my favorite. Not sure why, but this is certainly what I want to do more of. For those of you who don’t know @FourSlice, he’s part of an amazing team that produces a music sharing app for the iPhone called Cardinal.

Converge Urban Arts Showcase and Party 2011

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Converge Urban Arts Showcase and Party 2011 as a guest of the amazingly talented Joanna Borromeo. Her band, Joanna & the Acrobatiks, was the headline entertainment of the night and what a show it was. Having photographed Joanna previously I knew she had a great voice, but it was in a sound studio… not a live venue. Her voice is even more amazing live. If you have the chance to check her and her band out, DO!