London: A Big Thanks to My Hosts

For those that didn’t know, or couldn’t tell by my touristy nature, this was my first trip to London. If you couldn’t tell, wow! Seriously? Anyways. This trip would not have been possible without the hospitality and willing tour guides of my brother Ryan and his wonderful wife Ashley. They let me stay at their place probably saving me a tonne of pounds in the process. It’s the exact way I had hoped to see a foreign city; with people that make you laugh, think and share memories with years down the road.

Until next year. Thanks!

London: Day 8 – Out with a bang

Ish. It was the last full day in London. What better way to leave it than seeing the entire city via the London Eye. It’s a shame they pack so many tourists in each capsule that you don’t have much opportunity to move around. That said, it offers the BEST view of the city. You don’t get a perspective of how big it is while you queue on escalators underground or wind your way through the streets looking left and right to stay alive.

If I leave anything in London it’s this. An umbrella. Black, Eddie Bauer, innocent, compact, functional. Located beneath the back bench at Lupita near the Embankment Underground station. The food was enjoyable, service… forgettable, like me and my umbrella. Oh, and it didn’t rain… not one drop all day. Go figure.

London is an interesting city. Almost too tourist oriented for my taste. The tubes, at least on weekends, are nearly unreliable due to “Engineering Works”. I speak code folks, I know that that means they’re dealing with dragons or something underground and that they use the weekends to clean up after them. Straight out of HellBoy no doubt. That said, I will miss it. It’s definitely left its mark on me and unfortunately only raised the bar on my expectations for restaurants, cafe’s, transportation, and culture in Calgary. Some of which it will never meet in 100 years, but it’s worth a start.

London: Day 7 – Meet up with friends

Not many photos were taken during the day today as instead of touring around I met up with Melissa from Conglomerate Mag for lunch and… well touring I guess. We checked out the Gordon Ramsey’s Claridges (first photo, not to eat… just to stare), Harrods, the V&A museum for the Shadow Casters: Camera-less Photography series, and then met up with my brother for dinner and drinks at The Orange.

I was asked as to why I chose to do all the photos, other than the first set, in sepia b&w… I just did. For me it fits with the time period of the architecture that I liked shooting. So yeah.

Edinburgh: Day 6 – The Castle

The day didn’t start off as planned. I woke up to a delightful English cold – stuffed up and all. Grr. That said, we didn’t let it stop us from seeing the city one bit.

First stop was touring the city to a bunch of locations I can’t really remember what they were called. Sounds horrible. I blame the stuffed-up-ed-ness. Yeah. Then we made the trek straight up the high to the castle. It looked so much higher from the photos than it actually took time to climb.